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Luxor Body Oil

Sophisticated and chic, LUXOR exudes a seductive scent of the Ancient Egypt Goddessess.

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Bondi Body Oil

It's sweet aroma is the perfect blend of salty seas and succulent summer blooms.

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Mirissa Body Oil

Fresh coconuts and succulent fruits intertwine with coastal air to capture the essence of Mirissa Beach.

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Ubud Body Oil

Ubud emanates the serenity and harmony of Bali's lush tropics, gently fussing the scent of rain and incense.

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Welcome to Asriq - the essence of luxe

Designed to nourish the skin and have you smelling
irresistible, Asrìq’s scented body oils are an indulgent
experience of the senses. Luxurious and lightweight - the
perfect combination of hydration and perfume.


I absolutely adore this combination of oils and summery scents. Where most oils give you that quick sensation of moisture before fading into a distant memory and a scent that lasts less than the bubble gum nose on a bubble'o bill. The oils in Asrìq feel like they hydrate every ounce of your soul (and obviously skin) and the scent of Bondi just keeps you transfixed on the moments of the summer sun, long after it has set.

Renee G.

I was someone who always loved a moisturiser, but since switching to these oils my skin has never been better. My skin is always hydrated and the fragrance lasts all day. Even after sweating at the gym I get comments on how good I smell. As women we all have different insecurities when it comes to our skin, personally i have always had problems with uneven skin tone, blotchy patches on my arms, dry skin patches and scars. Since starting on these oils, these issues are now mostly non-existent. I've never felt more confident in my skin.

Kate K.

I am in love with Asriq, it has become a part of my everyday routine and cannot go a day without applying it after a shower. It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and the scents are to die for. I have definitely seen a huge improvement in the tone and hydration in my skin. People comment all the time on how soft and healthy my skin looks, and I receive lots of compliments on how beautiful I smell.

Irene D.

I apply it right after showering on damp skin and it immediately sinks in. It leaves my skin feeling silky with out a greasy feeling and smelling like an ancient god. The aroma lasts for hours.

Purvi J

Your body oils are divine and delicious and I am enjoying that I have the whole 4 to pick and choose from as I purchased the 4 testers. My favourite however is the Bondi 🥰 I feel very special and my skin feels extremely soft and loved when wearing your hand made perfumed oils.

Farrah D.

Let me just say I ADORE them! I haven’t bought a perfume since I ordered the oils and I find myself putting them on every day constantly because I’m obsessed. You have made some beautiful oils and I’ll be buying them forever I think!

Kristen W.

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